Nutrients laboratory manager works with a sample

Environmental Laboratories

CESE’s spacious, state-of-the-art laboratories provide a full range of services in the development of analytical methods and in analytical testing to support research by faculty members as well as government and industry scientists.

A student worker uses a computer to control a piece of equipment in the Nutrients division laboratory

Nutrients Division

The Nutrients Division determines concentrations of nutrient series such as nitrogen, phosphorus, silica, and carbon constituents in fresh, brackish, and saline water samples, as well as in solid matrices, including sediment and filters. This laboratory is certified by the Connecticut Department of Public Health for the analysis of nutrients in non-potable waters.

A laboratory technician uses a piece of equipment in the Organics division laboratory

Organics Division

The Organics Division identifies and quantifies trace organic compounds in water, soil, sediment, and tissue at the part-per-billion (ppb) and part-per-trillion (ppt) level using standard EPA and NOAA methods as well as CESE-developed methods.

A piece of diagnostic equipment in the Metals division laboratory

Metals Division

The Metals Division analyzes trace elements in water, soil, sediment, tissue, and filters at the part-per-billion (ppb) level using EPA and NOAA methods. Laboratory scientists are highly experienced in the development and validation of custom methods to meet the needs of special projects.